Brexiters’ fury as one of asylum seeking children actually a bear


Brexiters and Ukipers have voiced their indignation that one of the handful of child asylum seekers let into Britain might actually be a bear.

Britain secures trade deal with Liechtenstein


Boris Johnson has secured a victory for Brexit Britain having reportedly brokered a trade deal with the country of Liechtenstein.

Bill Cosby withdraws support for Trump


Entertainer Bill Cosby has publicly withdrawn support for Presidential hopeful Donald Trump saying that he may even vote for rival Hilary Clinton instead.

Government to escape to private island following Brexit


Theresa May’s Government are planning to escape to a privately owned tropical island following a hard Brexit according to Conservative party insiders.

BREXIT joy as pound worth same as Britain in 1972


UKIP members and leave voters have been popping corks this evening following news that the value of the pound reached the same as it was in 1972, just before Britain joined the EU.

Marauding clowns just leaderless UKIP members


The recent spell of marauding clowns throughout the UK is comprised of UKIP members who have had their referendum, lost their leader and now don’t know what to do, according to former leader Nigel Farage. “They’ve had their vote, they’ve worked out that all their problems are going to be there whether we’re in Europe […]

Trump to limit sexual assault to outside work hours


Donald Trump has promised US citizens that he will keep all future sexual assaults outside work hours so as not to affect his ability to perform as president.

Amber Rudd “British loo paper for British arses”


British people are to wipe their British arses with British loo paper after using British toilets, according to new legislation outlined today by Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

Hammond “We’re going to keep shafting the poor without paying off the deficit”


Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond has vowed to carry on shafting disadvantaged people but without using the deficit as an excuse in what is seen as a turn of direction for the Government.

Trump “Muslims stole my tax returns”


Donald Trump’s tax returns have been stolen by Muslims, thus preventing him from producing them for public inspection, according sources close to the presidential candidate