Ed the Duck exposed as sexual predator in calls for new BBC enquiry

ed the duck

Ed the duck, 1990s co-host of TV’s “The Broom Cupboard”, has been named as a calculating and devious sexual predator by a number of members of the public and BBC staff who have contacted Scotland Yard in the last 48 hours.

Co-host Andy Peters told News Toad “Of course I always suspected that something wasn’t quite right, but I was a young man, wet behind the ears and Ed was part of the old guard. I just didn’t feel it was my place to challenge him, and in any event I was quite scared of him. Everyone was a little bit scared of Ed.”

Mr the Duck had made no secret that if he met someone he liked he would expect to do something quite rude to them. He had a particular liking it seems for fat middle aged men who he would see purely as his property and personal playthings. Whilst no complaint was formally issued at the time it was no secret within the BBC that neither Bernard Manning or Liberal MP Cyril Smith could ever be persuaded to appear on children’s television at any price.

Eddie Large, who played Large in the comedy duo Little and Large, has since revealed that he was on the receiving end of some unwanted attention . “I was basically being stalked” Mr Large told us “It would start with him bringing a bottle of Babycham and two tiny glasses to my dressing room after a performance, and when I rebuffed him he stopped bringing Babycham. But he was still always there just staring at me with his cold dark eyes. He seemed to be constantly looking at me for signs of weakness. And I had to keep my trousers tucked into my socks because you knew if you didn’t, he’d be straight up there like a whippet up a drainpipe.”

As in the case of Jimmy Saville this may transpire to be a posthumous enquiry. Andy Peters told us “By all accounts he was paid off by someone high up in the BBC and decided to relocate to America, as he’d heard it was full of chubby men in their 40s and 50s. But I don’t think he realised that a lot of these men also like hunting and shooting ducks. Either way we haven’t heard from him since 1997 but I hear that Matt Lucas and James Corden still have locks on their dressing room doors. Just in case.”

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