Penny Mordaunt “Disabled people are taking the piss”

penny-mordant-disabled-lazyDisabled people are taking the piss and should think twice before being such an awful drain on society, according to Disabilities Minister Penny Mordaunt.

Speaking from her constituency office of Portsmouth North where she was unveiling a new set of steps where there had previously been a wheelchair ramp, Ms Mordaunt told us:

“Apparently those with disabilities need our help and support as part of some sort of caring and civilised society. But we have to focus on hard working families. Unless they are hard working families that have recently become disabled. Or hard working families that still need to claim benefits. Come to think of it we’re probably better off looking after families that are quite well off and don’t really need to work hard.

“We pay them these benefits, for all we know the moment our backs are turned they’re climbing trees, working down mines and trampolining. Someone needs to stop them. If it wasn’t for us they’d all still have 2 bedrooms. And really if they’re so disabled, why are they all competing in the Olympics?”

Despite criticism from Labour, the Government have denied Ms Mordaunt’s sweeping changes will affect those who are “really disabled”.

“We’ll just be taking half their benefits” A Conservative party source told us.


  1. you want to walk a mile in disabled shoes if you can some disabled people cant walk talk hear or are blind not to mention the other severe illness they have it is you and the tories who are taking the piss not the disabled people

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