Hong Kong Phooey detained by US immigration


Popular 1970s crime fighter Hong Kong Phooey has reportedly been detained by US immigration as part of the latest crackdown ordered by President Donald Trump.

Whilst Mr Trump himself has refused to speak to any journalists on the matter, he has tweeted:

“Phooey might be American but he dresses like he comes from Islamajapanastan.  And believe me I know all the countries. And there’s a real threat of terrorism from  1970s masked borderline racist cartoon crime fighting dogs and the media are desperately trying to cover it up. They have their own agenda.”

According to a statement from US immigration, at John F. Kennedy airport Mr Kong Phoooey had said “Now lets see what is says in my Hong Kong book of Kung Fu on dealing with border enforcement officers pumped up on vitriolic misinformation, promoting a xenophobic agenda. It says I’ve got to go Ha! Hoo! and a Rinky Dinky Doo! To You!” Before having a bag placed over his head and being taken away.

However several other witnesses have disputed the official account. One passer by said “It wasn’t even Hong Kong Phooey. It was just a man working in a dog outfit who was giving out free drinks at the airport. I don’t even know where they’re going to send him back to.”

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