May under fire as husband selling wheelbarrows for public to load worthless cash into


Theresa May has been accused of foul play today following revelations that her husband Philip May has cornered the market in wheelbarrows for people to fill up with soon to be worthless currency when they need to buy a loaf of bread.

The news was released today via an article in The Canary that suggested that pair had concocted a plan for a hard Brexit so hard that the pound would be virtually worthless to the extent that people would have no choice but to transport their life savings around in a wheelbarrow in order to buy basics and then selling aforesaid wheelbarrows at a vastly inflated price

However the Prime Minister has furiously denied the claims calling them “utter nonsense”.

“The fact that Philip went out and bought every wheelbarrow in Britain just before my speech is entirely a coincidence.” She explained.

“Anyway the answer isn’t to carry all your cash around in a wheelbarrow, it’s to invest in foreign currency before the pound becomes worthless. Which it probably will by the time trading starts tomorrow. Want to buy a wheelbarrow?” She added.

A furious Jeremy Corbyn has reacted angrily to the news. “Maybe I shouldn’t have said I was only 7 out of 10 in favour of leaving the EU.” He mused.

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