Britain secures trade deal with Liechtenstein


Boris Johnson has secured a victory for Brexit Britain having reportedly brokered a trade deal with the country of Liechtenstein.

Bill Cosby withdraws support for Trump


Entertainer Bill Cosby has publicly withdrawn support for Presidential hopeful Donald Trump saying that he may even vote for rival Hilary Clinton instead.

Trump to limit sexual assault to outside work hours


Donald Trump has promised US citizens that he will keep all future sexual assaults outside work hours so as not to affect his ability to perform as president.

Trump “Muslims stole my tax returns”


Donald Trump’s tax returns have been stolen by Muslims, thus preventing him from producing them for public inspection, according sources close to the presidential candidate

Trump “USA would do better in paralympics if we had more guns”


The USA’s pitiful performance in the Paralympics is entirely due to Americans not having enough guns, according to presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Trump shock at news shooting his opponent means he’ll just get another opponent

donald trump shocked

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has told of his shock today at finding out that if someone shoots Hilary Clinton he won’t automatically become President and the Democrats will just choose another opponent for him.

Trump to give USA back to Native Americans, move to Mexico and pay for a wall

Trumpety Trumpington Trump

Donald Trump has vowed to return the USA back to native Americans, exile anyone not descended from original inhabitants, including himself, and move to Mexico where he will stop any future epidemics of mass migration such as the one that started in 1607 by Europeans, by building a wall which he himself would be paying for.

Blair “Why did no-one tell me the Iraq war was a bad idea?”

blair chilcot

The public must shoulder their share of the blame for not warning Tony Blair that the Iraq war might be a bad idea according to the former Prime Minister.

Britain votes to put its dick in a blender

Boris brexit blender

Britain has voted to put it’s own penis in a food processor and turn it on in order to make Britain great again.

Putin “I had nothing to do with the football violence or the invasion of Ukraine”

putin euro 2016

Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed today that he had absolutely nothing to do with the recent football violence in France and nothing to do with the invasion of Ukraine either.