Far right march against global warming

fascists march against global warming

Far right groups throughout the western world have been marching against global warming, following concerns that an increase of as little as 2 degrees could mean the entire human race being black.

In Britain, leader of far right group Britain First, Paul Golding said “People who originate closer to the equator tend to have darker skin as a way of protection against the sun’s rays. Somehow we manage to use this to stir up hatred and persuade people that those with variable hues in their complexion, based on the longitudinal positioning of their ancestors’ habitat, are somehow stealing your job . So it stands to reason that unless emissions from cars are drastically reduced, we’ll all look foreign in a couple of hundred years. And we’ll all be nicking each other’s jobs. So you must ask yourself, is my journey really necessary? Or could I share a lift?”

Fascist groups over the pond in America have also urged restraint in use of fuel and vowed vengeance against people not reusing the same bag for their shopping. One Charlottesville protester said “It’s bad enough that the indigenous population of America aren’t really white anyway. But now, unless we do something to reverse global warming there won’t be a single white face in America, unless we all stay indoors.”

Indeed, posters encouraging recycling of bottles, cans and plastics in honour of the third reich have been rife throughout American and European cities, and are thought to be paid for by similar groups who offer cavity wall insulation to those who swear allegiance to the Ayran race.

A recent Breitbart article “Guns and defending your carbon neutral off-grid homestead” has proven so popular it’s thought that many Ku Klux Klan members have defied the nations traditional reliance of fossil fuels and electricity, and can often be seen in full regalia cycling to meetings.

A spokesman for Friends of the Earth said “We certainly won’t be discussing racial diversity with them, but otherwise it’s great to have them on board.”

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