Bloke talking about a film’s release for a year disappointed when it’s just a film

film actually shit

A man wittering on about a film on social media for over a year has expressed his dismay at having seen it and the film being just ok.

Daley Mayall from Southsea who had seen the new Bladerunner/Star Wars/some super hero or other film said “I’ve just spent months pouring over previews on Facebook and commenting that I was so excited I’d just done a bit of wee. In hindsight I just should have just walked into the cinema off the cuff and just watched it. I could have then had a drink in a pub afterwards and talked about it for a bit. Then I could have moved on with my life and talked about something else. Instead I feel trapped and empty. I just keep looking back at the previews wondering how I have been so deceived. It’s almost as if the previews just showed me the best bits.

“I imagined exactly how the film would be in my own mind including all dialogue and action scenes. But sadly the film wasn’t exactly as I had meticulously constructed it over many sleepless nights. In fact it was a bit different. This is why I’ve written an extensive and damning review on Facebook for all my friends to read.

“I now know that a film is just a way to spend a couple of hours as opposed to something to blather on incessantly about for months without actually having seen it.”

Following the news Mr Mayall has been receiving messages of support from Facebook friends. “Sorry to hear you saw a film and didn’t like it. PM me. Big hugs x” One wrote.


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