Government to launch inquiry inquiry

inquiry inquiry

The Government have announced plans to launch an inquiry into all Government inquiries in an effort to ascertain why all recent inquiries, especially ones regarding possible criminality of politicians, never seem to end or if they do never come to any logical conclusion.

A spokesman for the new inquiry said “All inquiries such as Parliamentary abuse and going to war illegally will have to be put on hold until we find out why they never seem to be anywhere near finished. Rest assured we will not leave any stone unturned in finding out why Government inquiries take so long. It could be a lengthy process”

The Parliamentary abuse and Iraq War inquiries, presently led by Lord Fiddles and Sir Humphrey War respectively, will lend their investigative teams to the process of the inquiry inquiry.

One member of the team told us “Only inner members of the establishment can possibly be in a position to perform any inquiry into the establishment. Even if that investigation is to ascertain whether the previous statement is true or not, we can’t just have any Tom, Dick or Harry doing it. Or maybe we can. And that’s what this investigation will find out. Or not.”

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair told us that he would be delighted to help with the new inquiry inquiry in any way.

“I’ll help by talking about something else.” He explained.

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