Heterosexual couple lose bid to be treated like a gay couple ten years ago


A heterosexual couple has lost the right to be not allowed to get married as if they were a gay couple trying to get married before gay marriage was defined in law.

Man nipping over to France for a few days “defying the will of the people”


A man nipping over to France for a long week-end has been accused of defying the will of the people by the Daily Mail.

Portsmouth Council authorise new high rise shaped like a penis


Portsmouth City Council leader Donna Jones has spoken of an exciting vision for Portsmouth, involving the construction of a high rise block shaped like a giant penis.

People of Stoke to decide which twat to vote for


The people of Stoke are shortly to decide whether to vote in a monumental twat or just a bit of a twat as their MP in the forthcoming by-election.

“Is it my turn again?” Asks Ed Miliband


Ed Miliband has told Labour voters that he is ready for another go at being party leader.

“Why can’t Sturgeon be our leader?” say Labour members


Labour members have reacted furiously today at news that they can’t have the nice Scottish lady who’ll tell Theresa May to stick her article 50 up her arse as their leader.

Government promises affordable homes to be bought by city types and rented out


The Government has vowed to build more affordable housing which can be bought up quickly as second homes by people who work in the city.

Paul Nuttall accused of lying over his Stoke address of 48b Bollocks Avenue


UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has defended his decision to put 48b Bollocks avenue, Stoke-on-Trent on his election nomination form even thought he apparently doesn’t know where it is.

Corbyn “Shit, I meant vote against article 50”


Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has this evening asked if parliament can possibly have another vote having realised that he just whipped his MPs to duck out of the world’s biggest free marketplace and leave Theresa May free to completely shaft workers rights.

Trump to deport toddlers


US President Donald Trump is to begin a mass deportation of toddlers following reports that statistically they shoot more people in America than Islamic terrorists.