Chessington World of Adventures to host free Brexit party

Chessington World of Adventures is to open its doors to Brexiters free of charge on 31st January to celebrate  Britain’s long awaited departure from the EU.

The Sun “Migrating moles must get back underground”

The Sun newspaper has devoted its front page this morning to the news that many moles are considering abandoning their life underground and looking to start a new life on the earth’s surface. In an abrupt editorial Editor Tony Gallagher said “If we let them up here we pave the way for ferrets, badgers and all […]

Sun shocked as charging for boobs and knee-jerk opinions on the internet a failure

Rebekah Brookes, Editor in chief of popular newspaper The Sun, has said that she is ‘mystified’ at the failure of the paper’s online publication, which charged prospective readers £2 a week to look at womens’ breasts on the internet as well as misinformed knee-jerk opinions on current affairs. Ms Brookes who was responding to a […]

Sun outrage as Corbyn refuses to vote on X Factor

Popular newspaper The Sun has called for newly appointed Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn to be strung up by his curlies following revelations that he will not be voting on, discussing or even watching X Factor. Today’s edition of the paper said “One minute he’s refusing to doff his cap to the Queen. Now he’s refusing […]

Sun to limit page 3 to just one boob

David Dinsmore, editor of popular right wing  newspaper the Sun, has reportedly come to a compromise with pressure group ‘No more page three’ that from now on, all future  models are only going to reveal one jubbly. After talks which are said to have spanned several days, the the overtly misogynist borderline racist one syllable […]