Chessington World of Adventures to host free Brexit party

Brexit Party ChessingtonChessington World of Adventures is to open its doors to Brexiters free of charge on 31st January to celebrate  Britain’s long awaited departure from the EU.

The offer from the management of the popular theme park came as many leave voters were left devastated by the news that Big Ben won’t bong to celebrate the moment Britain leaves.

Brexit Party chief Nigel Farage who is thought to be shunning his own event in favour of the Chessington party said “It’s one in the eye for the liberal metropolitan elite. They think my supporters are a bit thick but guess what? It’s us that get to go on all the rides. I’m almost tempted not to go and to hang around in Richmond just so I can see their faces when they realise they’re not invited.

The free tickets for the strictly no remainers event are available on the day and on a first come first serve basis. It’s thought that many passionate Brexiteers are planning to camp outside  the night before to ensure being part of the celebrations.

One Brexit voter who was already camped outside the park entrance said “You lost! Get over it! And remainers conspiring to stop Big Ben bonging won’t change anything. I’ll be celebrating Britain’s exit from the worlds largest free trade block by going on all the rides, going round and round and round. Laughing and laughing and laughing. ”

It’s thought that the celebrations will have to end on the dot of 11pm as following Britain’s exit from the EU many of Chessington’s staff will need to be laid off and repatriated.



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