“Is it alright to bring back Chalky?” Jim Davidson asks

Racist Jim

Jim Davidson is set to bring back his side-splitting 1970s character Chalky following news that the Government have given the thumbs up to being racist again.

Talking to Piers Morgan about why his Chalky act is so funny he explained “It’s funny because the bloke is called chalky which would suggest he’s somehow white in colour like chalk. But he’s not. He’s actually black and that’s what makes it funny. But it’s me pretending to be him by talking in a poor imitation of a Jamaican accent and I’m white. And that’s what makes it even funnier.

“Whenever I play clubs full of white bald men people always ask me to do the same sketch. It’s the one where Chalky crosses the zebra crossing and says now you see me, now you don’t! I can’t do that with white people being invisible on the white stripes because people don’t find that funny. They only find black people being invisible on the black stripes funny.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is thought to have sent Mr Davisdon his congratulations on the new act and forthcoming tour.

“I think once we’ve abolished the BBC people can look forward to a lot more Jim and a lot more adverts. Maybe some of these adverts could have Jim in pretending to be Chalky.  It’s what you voted for. “

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