“When can I stop washing my hands again?” Matt Hancock asked

Matt Hancock

Health Secretary Matt Hancock is under increasing pressure to outline when people can stop washing their hands again.

In a now viral video clip Mr Hancock was stopped outside a health facility that he was visiting by an angry member of the public who said:

“I understand that for a short period of time I’m supposed to be washing my hands after using the toilet and I’ve bought into this. In fact I literally bought all the soap in my local shop. But how long should I keep this up for? Days? Weeks? I can’t keep washing my hands all the time.

Indeed tempers were fraying shortly afterwards in the audience of Question Time where Mr Hancock was one of the panellists.

“One minute you can take a shit in a pub toilet and walk straight out and help yourself to free peanuts at the bar.  Apparently now that’s not alright.” One audience member commented.

“I grew up in the 1970s and you take medication if you’re ill and you wash your hands if they’re dirty. The two things are completely separate.” Another added to resounding applause.

The Government have advised washing your hands whilst singing happy birthday on the basis that it’s frequently someone’s birthday so people will wash their hands more.

“You only have to look on Facebook and it’s usually someone’s birthday so you know it’s time to  wash your hands.” Mr Hancock explained.

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