Government defend “Stay Alert with Englebert” slogan

englebert humperdinck

Boris Johnson has defended his decision to have 1960s crooner Englebert Humperdinck fronting the daily COVID 19 briefings and has insisted that “Stay Alert with Englebert” is the the most scientific way to reach much of the British public.

“People don’t know whether to go to work, stay in, go out, exercise or have a picnic. But if they can just imagine what Englebert might do in such a situation I think that provides some much needed clarity” Mr Johnson told the Andrew Marr show this morning.

It is thought the Mr Humperdink’s 1967 hit “Please release me” might hit a note with much of the British public.

Critics have argued that many children due to return to school in a few weeks may not have heard of Humperdinck. However the SAGE advisory group have argued that if every school had a life sized cardboard cut of the senior celebrity who bravely brought up the rear in the 2012 Eurovision song contest, it might just encourage pupils to keep a 2 metre distance from each other as opposed to just running around being kids.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that the Government could not be blamed for any increase in the the mortality rate following a second spike in infection figures.

“If people haven’t stayed alert then Mr Humperdinck may have to face criminal charges. It’s something we take very seriously.” He explained.


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