Protesters topple Jimmy Saville statue

Jimmy Saviile statue

Basingstoke MP Maria Miller has condemned protesters as “thugs” following the toppling of the town’s controversial statue of Jimmy Saville this week-end.

In a strongly worded statement Mrs Miller said “Many of these protesters have strong opinions. But all opinions matter including different ones. Even opinions that no-one holds matter. And the mindless destruction of historic monuments merely serves to argue the opposite point.”

“In any event most people who’ve had giant stone effigies made of them were probably at the very least a bit of a git. If we tore them all down people would have nothing to sit under and eat sandwiches.”

Basingstoke council has come under pressure to remove the statue on numerous occasions since it was first erected in the town centre in 2017. However it has steadfastly resisted these calls on the grounds that tourism to the town may decline.

“You can’t just delete history.” One council member told us.



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