Protesters topple Jimmy Saville statue

Basingstoke MP Maria Miller has condemned protesters as “thugs” following the toppling of its controversial statue of Jimmy Saville this week-end.

Trump “London protesters begged me to come to UK”

A group of several hundred thousand protesters thought to be protesting against Donald Trump’s forthcoming UK visit are actually pro-Trump and begged him to come according to a statement issued by the US president this morning.

Fracking protests to move to hotels once camping season ends

Fracking protesters in the village of Balcombe have this morning indicated that they are ‘in it for the long haul’ and by October, when it is too cold to continue camping, will move their protest to surrounding 3 star hotels. One such protester Gandalf Trustfund told us “If you think we’re going to sit around […]

EDL turn on each other as sunshine makes them look Mediterranean

The English Defence League have declared war on each other as the last few days of scorching weather have resulted in their own members looking from a distance like they might come from Spain, Italy or Portugal.  This mornings march reportedly descended into violence after each protester mistakenly believed that the group had been taken […]