Jim Bowen to open Yorkshire fracking site

Jim Bowen is to open Yorkshire’s new fracking site and commentate on the fracking as if it were an episode of Bullseye, according to a vote passed today by North Yorkshire county council. One Councillor explained “We need to show the public that contrary to common opinion, fracking is lovely, smashing, super, great, fantastic and […]

Fracking absolutely safe and everyone should have a go

Fracking is absolutely safe and everyone should be doing it in their own back gardens according to a new report by Lancashire County Council which looks set to be used as a blue print for the country as a whole. The report entitled ‘random drilling and shooting jets of water at great velocity into the […]

Fracking protests to move to hotels once camping season ends

Fracking protesters in the village of Balcombe have this morning indicated that they are ‘in it for the long haul’ and by October, when it is too cold to continue camping, will move their protest to surrounding 3 star hotels. One such protester Gandalf Trustfund told us “If you think we’re going to sit around […]