Trump defends sharing Skrewdriver tracks on Twitter

trump and may

Donald Trump has reacted furiously this morning to suggestions by UK Prime Minister Theresa May that he should not share tracks by far right 1970s rockers Skrewdriver on social media.

“Theresa May needs to sort out her Muslim problem before criticising Donald Trump for creating one. We’re doing just fine apart from the mass shootings, the overbearing threat of nuclear war and my personal and blatant support for white supremacists.” He tweeted.

However Mr Trump’s spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Saunders dismissed as “Fake News” the suggestion that Skrewdriver were arguably the most famous fascist rock band in the world, and described the backlash as a “non-story”.

“The president doesn’t look at the political leanings of any particular band before he shares their music. He merely liked the tune. And agreed with all its lyrics.

“And quite frankly the sort of people that are going to accuse the President of racism and far right tendencies for sharing Skrewdriver tracks, are just the sort of people that would have had a problem with him sharing all those Black and white Minstrel episodes on Facebook.”

However despite their very public disagreement Theresa May has continued to stress the importance of maintaining the UK/US special relationship.

“I will still be extending the invitation to Mr Trump for a forthcoming state visit.” She explained.

“Admittedly everyone else in Britain thinks he should give Britain a wide berth and instead fuck the fuck off to the orange island of toupée.” She added

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