Public urged not to participate in Panda on the Veranda tradition.

panda on the veranda

Members of the public have been urged today to shun the Christmas tradition of leaving a live panda outside on some decking for the month of December apparently due to the poor survival rate of the rare bear like creatures in sub zero temperatures.

TV naturalist Chris Packham said “There’s no evidence that a live panda has any idea whether your children have behaved or not, nor does it necessarily have any sway with Father Christmas.

“If you must have a panda on your veranda or patio then you are much better off painting a bear which would be far more sustainable.” He told us.

However it is thought that many will continue the tradition for the sake of the kids. Indeed former UKIP leader Nigel Farage urged Britons to ignore blatant scaremongering and to get the biggest panda that they could finance on their credit card or HP.

“This whole protest has been set up by Health and safety nazis who want to hijack Christmas. If they had their way pandas would breed like rabbits, no one would have any fun,  and Christmas would be ruined for everyone.” He warned.

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