British public in shit bucket challenge frenzy

shit bucket challenge

The old adage of a butterfly flapping it’s wings can cause a tsunami the other side of the planet, or in this case a poonami as the much publicised new craze of shit bucket challenge has gone viral in recent weeks. Stories are coming in thick and fast from people are choosing not to avail themselves to the usual conveniences, but instead are making straight for the bucket ensuring they have a plentiful supply of faecal matter should they themselves be nominated.

One such nominee Bert Onions from Sudbury on Thames told us “I’ve done it four times already. Next time I’m going to actually film myself doing it. If I do it again after that I’ll put it on facebook and ask people to give money to charity.

Indeed the craze has proved itself to be unabated by class barriers and has even spread to the upper echelons of politics as Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has just challenged David Cameron to do the same.

“People are tired of the old politics. An independent Scotland will mean politicians who are accountable to the electorate. And I’m going to prove this by covering myself with a bucket full of brown otters. Knowing Cameron he’ll probably be using a solid gold bucket and poo produced from a solid diet of caviare.”

However, a spokesman from the British medical Association has warned participants to show restraint before adorning their cranial area with a yuletide log.

“It’s not natural to poo on your own head. That’s why bottoms are situated at the other end of your body.” he explained.

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