British public in shit bucket challenge frenzy

The old adage of a butterfly flapping it’s wings can cause a tsunami the other side of the planet, or in this case a poonami as the much publicised new craze of shit bucket challenge has gone viral in recent weeks. Stories are coming in thick and fast from people are choosing not to avail […]

Masterchef won by bloke who cooks with his arse

BBC executives have been left fuming following leaked information that this years Masterchef, all filmed in advance, was actually won by a man who used only his anus in preparing all dishes. Set to be shown on TV at some point next week, Surrey man Bert Onions apparently wows the judges and wins his heat […]

Mugabe wins Zimbabwean Presidency, X-Factor and meat raffle

Unofficial election results from Zimbabwe today indicate that Robert Mugabe has yet again secured the country’s presidency, as well as winning X-Factor, Zimbabwe’s Got Talent and landing himself a nice rib of beef in his local pub’s weekly meat raffle. Though official results are yet to be published it appears that they will also confirm […]

Lack of prayer blamed for shit ‘snow day’

Households throughout the country have had to unexpectedly cancel their day in the pub, as the lack of snow this morning has left many with little choice but to go into work. The Right Reverend Justin Welby the soon to be Archbishop of Canterbury has told the nation that people only have their blasphemous selves […]

Jim Davidson no longer eligible to take over as new Jim’ll Fix It

The BBC has been thrown into turmoil once again after the arrest of Jim Davidson for sexual offences which has regrettably halted filming of a new series of Jim’ll Fix It. BBC Director General Tony Hall is reportedly furious and under no illusion that he must find a new Jim by the end of the […]