“Now not the time for independence vote” Theresa May tells America

theresa may US referendum

Theresa May has rejected calls for the USA to hold a referendum regarding independence from Britain today saying “now is not the time.”

Speaking at a hastily assembled Press Conference Mrs May said “We’re leaving Europe, Scotland is threatening to leave us again, and now is not the time for an opportunistic populist America to start thinking they can go it alone without our Governance.”

US President Donald Trump has said that Mrs May was defying the sovereign will of the American people.

“We’re sick of just being a colony governed by Westminster. Bigly. It’s high time we had home rule. Even if it is financial suicide.” He explained.

However popular the move from British rule might be in America,  Mr Trump has been accused by the Scottish parliament of attempting to overshadow their own attempts at independence.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said “If that orange wee bawsack thinks he’s getting his referendum first I’ll kick the wee radge in the cock.”


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