Lenny Henry bookies’ favourite to be next James bond

lenny henry james bond

Daily Mail readers are thought to be incensed following a story in the Mail that Lenny Henry is now the bookies favourite to be the next James Bond.

The Mail online site was filled with comments, many claiming that original James Bond author Ian Fleming would never have approved of Mr Henry taking on the 007 role for a variety of reasons.

“For one thing he’s too old.  And even worse he comes from the midlands.” One reader complained.

“The other thing is he’s probably too tall. He’s nearly as big as that bloke with metal teeth which would leave the fight scenes far better matches and far less exciting. And for the car chases he might look squashed in a coupe.” Another suggested.

One other comment read “I’ve got nothing against people being tall or from the Midlands. In fact, I’m not prejudiced in any way.  It’s just that he’s too much like George Lazenby. It would be a step back rather than forwards. So it shouldn’t be allowed.”

However not all comments have been critical.

Fellow actor Idris Elba said “If he puts the same depth of feeling into playing James Bond as he did impersonating David Bellamy on TISWAS in the 1980s then he’ll smash it. I wish him every success”

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