Cameron to accommodate child refugees the day before an election

cameron child refugees

David Cameron has been overwhelmed with compassion the day before local authority elections and agreed help for unaccompanied refugee children. The night before elections.

“Originally I thought sod them, and in actual fact encouraged my party to vote against helping children who were alone and fleeing war torn countries. And then the day before local authority elections I had an epiphany and thought to myself, David we must make some woolly pledge to help these children. The day before the elections.”

The Prime Minister is not the only Conservative politician to have such an epiphany, many Conservative MP’s who voted against accommodating unaccompanied refugee children also had such an epiphany and changed their minds, the day before an election.

Including Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond, who voted against the proposal to help vulnerable unaccompanied children escaping war torn countries, but suddenly found herself overcome with compassion the day before an election.

“I suddenly found I cared, and cared deeply. Despite my initial vote I’m now right behind the Prime Minister in changing my mind on the whole affair, the day before an election, with the caveat of course that the local authorities themselves actually make the final decision at some point in the future. After the elections.”

One floating voter said “They’ve got my vote. It turns out they were nice all along.”


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