Theresa May “The bible says I must take disabled people’s cars away”

Theresa May has only passed legislation to take mobility cars away from disabled people because it says so in the bible according to an interview with the God fearing Prime minister.

Portsmouth Council authorise new high rise shaped like a penis

Portsmouth City Council leader Donna Jones has spoken of an exciting vision for Portsmouth, involving the construction of a high rise block shaped like a giant penis.

Portsmouth park to become shrine to Margaret Thatcher

A park in the centre of Portsmouth is to become a shrine to former Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher including a 30 foot statue surrounded by right wing topiary.

Cameron to accommodate child refugees the day before an election

David Cameron has been overwhelmed with compassion the day before local authority elections and agreed help for unaccompanied refugee children. The night before elections. “Originally I thought sod them, and in actual fact encouraged my party to vote against helping children who were alone and fleeing war torn countries. And then the day before local […]

Iain Duncan Smith resigns in protest against his own policies

Iain Duncan Smith has resigned as Work and Pensions secretary citing his own policies as a step too far. “I wouldn’t want to be part of a Government that would let someone as unpleasant as me form policies. It’s a step too far my precious.” He explained. It’s thought that Mr Duncan Smith had revelled […]

“Stop naming us” say MPs who voted for disability benefit cuts

Conservative MPs who voted for £30 a week cuts in benefits for disabled people have asked today for people to stop naming them on social media so they can continue to claim huge expenses and lie about giving a shit.