Jovial Britain First see the funny side of having a Muslim mayor

jovial britain first

A very jovial Britain First have said that despite their best efforts, the people of London have voted in a Muslim mayor, and ultimately they can see the funny side of the whole situation.

Grinning like a Cheshire cat, leader Paul Golding said “You’ve got to laugh or else you’d cry. At the end of the day we’re all people and aside from our fundamental differences on religion, I’m sure we can sit down and have a giggle about the whole thing. I mean all of us getting so hot under the collar, it seems silly now.”

Indeed, a mirthful deputy leader Jayda Fransen chuckled “Boy did we get it wrong. I feel a bit silly now. I might as well just don a Burka and be done with it. After all we’ve been practically excommunicated by the Church of England. Islam is probably the only religion that would have us!”

An equally cheerful new London Mayor Sadiq Kahn extended his thanks to the goose stepping social media bigotmongers and assured the electorate they’d all meet for a drink in the bar later.

“I’m glad they’ve been so sporting about the whole thing. And hopefully that great British humour will carry them through when I break the news that I am going to ban Christian churches, sausages and teapots throughout the capital. An impose a tax on being English. And white. Or something.”

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