BBC under fire for showing Saville look-a-like ‘He-Man’ episodes

he man

The BBC has once again been the target of numerous complaints following a spate of childrens’ television programmes starring characters who look similar to disgraced disc jockey Jimmy Saville.

Director general Tony Hall has admitted that things could have been handled better. “We always have a skim through the days listings just to make sure there aren’t any programmes that show Jimmy Saville in a positive light. Obviously we fucked up on the Tweenies, so we’re going to employ someone to watch all our programmes a whole minute before they go out on air. They’ll have a special button so if there’s any allusion to Saville at all, they’ll be able to press it and it will turn off all electricity in Britain.”

Critics might argue that this is too little too late as children of all ages watched He Man shouting “I have the power guys and gals! Eugh-ee-eugh-ee-eugh!” and later on in the same episode “Now then, now then, Skeletor as it happens.”

David Cameron has voiced his outright condemnation of this sort of thing. “We will not accept cartoon characters and puppets that bear a passing resemblance to people who have been accused of sexual misdemeanours. I used to watch ‘The Herbs’ as a child which contained a lion called Parsley. Now I realise that Parsley looked just like Dave Lee Travis and if they re-show that I’ll turn the electricity off myself”.

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