Duran Duran found still on boat singing Rio

Duran Duran Rio

Pop band Duran Duran have been found still sailing on a boat singing the song Rio, apparently unaware that it was no longer the 1980s.

A spokesman for the production company that had made the original video told us that they would take full responsibility as no-one in the team had specifically told them to step off the boat and stop singing.

“We only have ourselves to blame.  Once we’d finished filming we forgot all about them, at least until now. We should have realised that none of them knew how to sail a boat. All they could do was wear loud suits, strike poses and hope that their peculiar brand of music could guide them back to familiar shores. Which it didn’t.

“Having said that we’re glad to hear that they’re all in reasonably good nick. The band are quite capable of surviving on ching and hairspray for years but I would imagine that they’d have caught the odd fish for a bit of extra sustenance.”

The captain of the fishing trawler who picked the errant new Romantics 100 miles off the coast of Mauritius told us that all crew had been instructed not to let on to the band that they were no longer 26.

“Thankfully there were no mirrors on the boat, so the band members including Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Pete Trewavas were blissfully unaware that they now look like Captain Birdseye plastered in make up.” he explained.

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