Labour to take Britain back to the 1970s, when people could afford to buy a house

furious theresa may

The Labour Party have been slated by the press today following accusations that they wish to take Britain back to the 1970s where there were loads more pubs, beer was 35p a pint and everyone could afford to buy a house.

Prime Minister Theresa May said “There’s no joy in home ownership if other people can afford to buy one too. And there’s no joy in looking down on working class people if they can go out for an affordable night out in a pub and have a better time that you.

“They want to set us back 40 years where there was more countryside, free university places, no Katy Hopkins, and someone plebby like a milkman could get a mortgage. And if you fell on hard times there was even a better social security system which might keep you going until you got a job. It’s preposterous.

“Working people don’t want to able to afford to pay their bills. They want to be trampled underfoot whilst being sneered at by Iain Duncan Smith.”

Indeed, the radical shift to a simpler time, when baiting the poor wasn’t quite so much the norm, may prove to be a step to far for many working people, with Mrs May’s motto of strong and stable, and shit and miserable currently edging her ahead in the polls.

“Labour are saying that there’s no need for me to have a red hot poker shoved up my arse. Well that’s all very well, but where’s the money coming from? They don’t have a money tree do they?” One worker told us.


  1. Typo “They want to [be] trampled underfoot whilst being sneered at by Iain Duncan Smith.”

    • Thanks Jazzy. And there’s me thinking I could write an article, and drink Prosecco and eat Chinese food whilst watching Eurovision without anything going wrong. It was always going to end in tears 😉

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