Customer fury as Tesco substitute hen’s eggs for dog eggs

tesco click and collect

A Tesco customer was left fuming after returning home with her click and collect order to find that her usual hens’ eggs had been substituted with dogs eggs.

Donna Jones of Portsmouth, Hampshire said that it was more the offhand attitude of the staff when she complained than the actual substitution that had upset her.

“Despite the fact that hen’s eggs were clearly not out of stock at all and the aisles were teeming with them, the store management were less than apologetic, and in fact told me that I was the first person who had complained over such a matter. But I’m sorry. Dog eggs just aren’t the same in an egg cup with soldiers. I shouldn’t be made to feel like I’m the one in the wrong.”

A spokesman for Tesco Head Office said:

“We aim to provide the highest possible level of customer service. However on some occasions substitutions are necessary. Particularly if the item they want is out of stock, or just on a different isle or we’re in a hurry. In this particular case, the dog eggs provided were most likely free range, probably even organic, I don’t know.”

Ms Jones recently made the headlines over a similar run in with the supermarket giant, after Tesco click and collect substituted her original order of orange juice with bin juice.

“This is a different matter altogether and we have given Ms Jones 200 extra club card points for her trouble. We now consider the matter closed.” A spokesman confirmed.



  1. If anyone wants Dogs Eggs, there are plenty on this rural road so, bypass Tesco, get down to your nearest Street, Road, Avenue, etc. You’ll find an endless supply, FREE!

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