Trump to keep an open mind about flat earth

Trump flat earth

US president Donald Trump has said that people should not completely rule out the concept of a flat earth and has voiced the possibility of a spherical earth being merely the views of so-called scientists with a liberal-elitist agenda.

“Personally I’m 50:50 on it.The truth is no-one has dug deep enough to find out. Or maybe they have and don’t want to tell us what they found. I blame Obama.”

Mr Trump has reacted furiously to a comment from astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson suggesting that maybe pictures of the earth taken by satellites or people who have been up into space might show the earth to be round.

“And this man Pythagorus tried to claim the world was round in the 6th Century. There’s no way he ever went up into Space. Fake news!” he tweeted yesterday.

And Mr Trump has warned that companies making “Globes of the world” may face significant compensation claims and be required to flatten them if required. “They might use a machine, or get an elephant to sit on them. Either way it’s difficult to believe that these companies are not involved in this conspiracy.”

Trump spokesman Sean Spicer told us that the President was not actually saying the earth was necessarily flat or spherical, when in fact there are lots of other lots of other shapes it could be.

“There’s square, triangle or pentathingy. We should keep an open mind.” He explained.




  1. can we get an elephant to sit on trump?

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