Richard Madeley urges second EU referendum

richard madeley 2nd referendum

A second EU referendum seems far more likely today following an impassioned plea for one by daytime TV personality Richard Madeley.

Speaking on his show ‘This Morning’ alongside his wife Judy Finnegan Mr Madeley told viewers “I voted leave myself in the first referendum but it was only when I was booking our annual month in the south of France I suddenly realised that it was more expensive than last year. I’ve made a terrible mistake. We need to have another referendum and vote remain.”

A furious Nigel Farage told us “Madeley is on the verge of destroying everything we’ve worked for if he persuades people vote remain again. And it’s all about his bloody holiday in France. Why can’t he just stay in Britain? Boston in Lincolnshire is very nice in the summer.”

The sudden change of tack by Mr Madeley has reportedly had a dramatic effect on public opinion on the matter as many people who voted leave also watch daytime television.

“These people run up a fortune on their phone bills to enter ‘Midday Money’ or some other competition they stand no chance of winning on my say so. They’ll vote remain in a second referendum as well if tell them to.” Mr Madeley explained.

The extent of Mr Madeley’s influence has been downplayed by former work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith

“The people have spoken and they must never again speak or change their minds. This must also apply to General election results, X factor winners and things that they have ordered in a restaurant.” he told us.


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