Brian May “not happy” about stuff


Brian May2

Dr Brian May former string twanger with pop group Queen, astronomer and now badger farm owner has revealed to the public that he is increasingly unhappy about a number of things.

“I’m not happy about a  number of things” he explained.

Several TV Doctors were unavailable for comment but we did manage to speak to actor Guy Henry who plays Henrik Hanssen in TV hospital drama Holby City who told us  “The thing about Brian May is that he’s 65 years old and men of 65 tend not to be happy about a variety of things. The fact that he has to get up and milk badgers at 5 in the morning doesn’t help his temperament.   The unfortunate fact is that due to him being well known for playing the guitar we all have to listen to it.”

Many within the entertainment industry have expressed their remorse at seeing Dr May upset about things and have made a resolution to ‘cheer Brian up’ whenever possible. Producers of TV singing talent show thingy The Voice have pledged to come to his house to film a special episode. According to a spokesman “Brian loves The Voice. He’s a big fan of karaoke and he loves the way the judges face the other way during  half the performance and then swivel round. I can’t wait to see his little face light up!”

However former Smiths front man Morrissey has been vocal in his opinion that Dr May gives unhappy former pop stars a bad name. “He can’t just go around being not happy about some things when the mood takes him. How would people feel if I went around being cheerful sometimes? I’ve been one of his best customers for his organic badger sausages but I’ve a good mind to cancel my order if he doesn’t get with the program.”

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