Rockstar Games furious as Waddingtons release GTA5 the board game

British based Rockstar Games are said to be furious today as their long awaited release of Grand Theft Auto Five has been overshadowed by traditional games manufacturer Waddingtons releasing a board game with exactly the same name. The surprise release has said to have decimated advance orders with those queuing for the game moving to […]

Brian May “not happy” about stuff

  Dr Brian May former string twanger with pop group Queen, astronomer and now badger farm owner has revealed to the public that he is increasingly unhappy about a number of things. “I’m not happy about a  number of things” he explained. Several TV Doctors were unavailable for comment but we did manage to speak […]

Oil industry in squashed animals shocker

David Cameron has today joined other politicians in expressing condemnation at recent revelations that not only have the oil industry been fixing prices, but also allegedly making oil and petrol out of squashed animals. “Look, I don’t think anyone can honestly say they haven’t trodden on a dog or a rabbit at some point in […]

Morrissey moonlighting as McDonalds clown

The long disputed mystery of the identity of the Ronald McDonald clown has been unexpectedly brought to a conclusion as former Smiths front man Morrissey has admitted that when not being miserable, judgmental and vegetarian, he actually likes to plaster himself in make up, laugh a lot, and scoff lots of beef burgers. “My favourite […]