Theresa May “Police must top up their wages with bribes”

Police officers will be expected to top up their wages with bribes for ‘drawing a blind eye’, according to Home Secretary Theresa May, as the Government announce plans to reduce the starting salary of a Police Constable by 20%. Speaking at press conference this morning, the Home Secretary told us “On a recent trip to […]

Mugabe wins Zimbabwean Presidency, X-Factor and meat raffle

Unofficial election results from Zimbabwe today indicate that Robert Mugabe has yet again secured the country’s presidency, as well as winning X-Factor, Zimbabwe’s Got Talent and landing himself a nice rib of beef in his local pub’s weekly meat raffle. Though official results are yet to be published it appears that they will also confirm […]

African people to build a giant Bono

The entire population of Africa are set to get together and build a giant Bono by way of thanks for the singer speaking on their behalf, according to singer Bono who was speaking at the G8 summit today on behalf of the people of Africa. The speech in which the singer also announced the  launch […]

Madonna to adopt Malawi

Madonna is set to become legal parent to the entire country of Malawi according to Governnment sources who along with Malawi’s 15 million inhabitants  are  all going to be calling her “mother”. President of Malawi Joyce Banda has recalled how Madonna rattled around Malawi like a “rabid, crazy adopting machine gun” with her legal team […]