Disappointment as super-injunction possibly just about Elton John’s stupid sex life

The British public have today aired their mass disappointment that according to some people on twitter the great big celebrity super-injunction that has been in the news for weeks might just be about Elton John and his stupid sex life. One person thriving on unfounded rumour said “We don’t know if it is or it […]

Putin bans Turkey at Christmas

Russian people are going to have to have either goose or duck for their Christmas dinner following reports that President Putin has banned all feasting on flappy necked birds between Christmas eve and Boxing day. “Anyone planning to celebrate Christmas with a roasted bird that goes by the same name as a country we have […]

Putin and Elton to meet “just as friends”

A meeting to be held in the near future between Vladimir Putin and Elton John is “absolutely not a date” according to a statement from the Kremlin which has confirmed that the pair will be meeting up just as friends. “It is just a man suggesting meeting up with another man to discuss manly things […]

Madonna to adopt Malawi

Madonna is set to become legal parent to the entire country of Malawi according to Governnment sources who along with Malawi’s 15 million inhabitants  are  all going to be calling her “mother”. President of Malawi Joyce Banda has recalled how Madonna rattled around Malawi like a “rabid, crazy adopting machine gun” with her legal team […]