Protesters topple Jimmy Saville statue

Basingstoke MP Maria Miller has condemned protesters as “thugs” following the toppling of its controversial statue of Jimmy Saville this week-end.

No reason to live in Britain now it has poisonous spiders

Britain is preparing itself for almost 100% migration following the news that it does after all have poisonous spiders, the only reason that people live here as opposed to somewhere nice and hot. It’s thought that the influx of false widow spiders is so widespread that every house will have one somewhere and most people […]

Mugabe wins Zimbabwean Presidency, X-Factor and meat raffle

Unofficial election results from Zimbabwe today indicate that Robert Mugabe has yet again secured the country’s presidency, as well as winning X-Factor, Zimbabwe’s Got Talent and landing himself a nice rib of beef in his local pub’s weekly meat raffle. Though official results are yet to be published it appears that they will also confirm […]