Scientists dumbfounded as Stonehenge producing electricity


Scientists have admitted that they are at a loss to explain why Stonehenge appears to be producing electricity at a rate that seems to be increasing every day as we move towards the summer solstice.

A spokesman for the National Trust said “We’re not sure why this is suddenly happening but it seems you can now charge your phone by pressing or tapping it against one of the stones.We also heard an eerie humming earlier. But that might have just been someone humming”

Professor Brian Cox  has discounted theories of many locals in nearby Glastonbury who have put the sudden electrical surge down to alien technology, ley lines and lost chi sent by distance reiki healing to name but a few. He admitted that if the stones were indeed acting as rudimentary batteries he would be unable to explain how.

“If this is true then it means that our ancestors used electricity as much as we do and maybe even had basic electric appliances. I don’t mean like smart phones but they possibly did have electric tin openers or even walkie-talkies.” He explained.

The news could make this year’s summer solstice celebration unprecedented with people widely expected to be arriving with all sorts of electrical gadgets, hoping that they can run or charge them off the stones. But it’s also possible that this may in fact have been the case thousands of years ago.

One regular solstice reveller told us “I’m going to bring a toaster. If I can plug it into the ground at a focal point between the stones it should work. Just imagine the sun coming up on the longest day of the year and enjoying a lovely slice of toast!”

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