Thousand gather in London to protest against road signs

Thousands of people descended on the capital yesterday to demand an immediate end to Government control of the people through road signs.

The march was led by Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers Corbyn who told us “Highway code, Da Vinci code, it’s all a bit of a coincidence isn’t it? And everyone is in on it. Policemen, politicians, that bald bloke with the show about bad drivers, we’ve had enough.”

One other furious protestor said “They want to control how fast we go, who has right of way and even whether you can stop suddenly and get out for a picnic. And the sheeple just let them get away with it.

“I’ve done my research and there is literally no reason why there are speed limits, one way systems or zebra crossings for that matter. They’ve even got them outside the local school, indoctrinating them young. People need to wake up.”

The march would have been busier still but for a few thousand people who ignored the signs directing them to the march and instead followed a route set by a bloke called Dave on Facebook who has over 2000 followers on Facebook but has never left his home town of Chatteris.

There were a number of horrific crashes on the A3 when a large convoy of protestors from Portsmouth refused to take the left carriage way up to London and braved the oncoming traffic for 60 miles.

One survivor said “You don’t get all those road signs going that way. That’s another thing they don’t want you to know, but we’ve seen right through it.

“Yes, I’ve ended up in intensive care following a head on collision but I’ve also got hemorrhoids. Yet it says “car crash” on my medical notes. It’s ridiculous.”

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