Anti-Vaxxers campaign for right to breathe on vulnerable people

Anti-vaxxers have taken to the streets today, demanding that they should be able to breathe on vulnerable people, in exactly the same way as people who have had vaccines. The angry protests began following rumours that the government will be asking people who refuse the vaccine to try in some way to limit the amount of people they potentially infect with Covid-19.

One protestor told us “We’re fed up of being treated as second class citizens and being regarded as a bit thick, just because we’re shunning a solution to a global pandemic. I am a nutritionist, a reiki healer and a life coach, and I’ve researched the matter thoroughly on YouTube. I do not consent to being asked to stop breathing on people just because I question the status quo and think outside the box, specifically as instructed by that video with an actual Doctor in it.”

The march was given added weight by the attendance of former sports reporter David Icke, Brexit sympathiser Nigel Farage and a lady who was on the only way is Essex. Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers who was also marching told us “Vaccines are even worse than 5g, which I only have because it came with my phone package. They enable the government to track you. And make you more suggestible to their propaganda. And they make you grow elephant ears though it’s very suspicious that Doctors won’t tell you that. And yet somehow we’re the ones that can’t go to a pub, find an elderly person and cough on them. It’s perverse.”

The protest follows a similar protest last week-end from anti-vaxxers demanding not to be called anti-vaxxers and one from QAnon protesting against being called PooAnon.

“We’ll keep protesting until something is done about it. And then go back to flat earth conspiracies or some old shit.” Another protestor explained.

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