“Is it alright to bring back Chalky?” Jim Davidson asks

Jim Davidson is set to bring back his side-splitting 1970s character Chalky following news that the Government have given the thumbs up to being racist again.

Daily Mail readers’ anger at plans for black Milky Bar Kid

Daily Mail readers have threatened to boycott Nestlé products following reports that the next Milky Bar Kid is thought to be black.

Racist bloke at work still going for it

A racist bloke in an office is still going for it like a trooper, two full working days after the Paris shootings and showing no signs of giving it a rest, according to reports from workmates. Feeling sufficiently vindicated by recent events to continue wittering on indefinitely, Mr Daley Mayall, of ‘We sell any car’ […]

Britain First vow to help keep racist night clubs afloat

Members of Britain First have vowed to put their glad rags on, sport their dancing shoes and support any West end night clubs that might suffer a loss of business for racist door policies. Leader Paul Golding told us “We hadn’t realised these clubs were operating a racially prejudiced door policy and quite frankly we […]

Farage “We must guarantee jobs for goose stepping nationalists”

Employers will be legally able to deny jobs to foreigners, women, lefties and gay people in favour of goose stepping shaven headed nationalists adorned in full nazi regalia, should UKIP hold the balance of power following May’s General Election according to leader Nigel Farage. Speaking in an interview on popular radio station Common Sense FM, […]

Jim Davidson cleared of being racist

The Crown Prosecution Service have confirmed today that they will be dropping all charges of historic racism against the comedian Jim Davidson.  A spokesman confirmed “Much of the evidence appeared to be made up of hearsay and tittle tattle so it makes any conviction completely unsound. As long as you ignore his videos or anything […]