Racist bloke at work still going for it

racist bloke office

A racist bloke in an office is still going for it like a trooper, two full working days after the Paris shootings and showing no signs of giving it a rest, according to reports from workmates.

Feeling sufficiently vindicated by recent events to continue wittering on indefinitely, Mr Daley Mayall, of ‘We sell any car’ car supermarket in Southampton, has reportedly put every single problem in society down to immigration in a non stop two day diatribe, continuing throughout the night to ensure catching the attention of anyone working particularly late or early the next morning.

Mr Mayall was too busy going on and on and on to speak to us personally, but did leave a statement in which he explained that Britain should be solely populated by fat bald white men and their hard faced white power supporting wives, who should be left to interbreed without any interruptions to the gene pool.

One co-worker said “He spent most of yesterday morning explaining that every single muslim should apologise to him personally and most of the afternoon explaining to a customer that immigrants had directly caused the inordinately high APR on the finance package he was selling them.

“I thought he’d run out of steam when it was pointed out to him that our borders weren’t really eroded  what with us being surrounded by sea making it difficult just to wander or drive in unchecked. Later he seemed to falter when someone explained that we are all part of the human race and we originated in Africa but sadly he was just stopping to like and share things that he thought was a disgrace and was straight back on it moments later.”


  1. What a pig.

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