Hunt I’m backed by the silent 2%

jeremy fucking hunt

Jeremy Hunt has told today of his encouragement at the silent support of 2% of Junior Doctors who have said they won’t go on strike in protest against his reforms.

Speaking to John Humphrys on the Today Programme Mr Hunt explained that Doctors were stupid and didn’t understand numbers.

“However, for every 98 Doctors that plan to go stomping around waving placards there’s 2 that won’t be. And when you take ten of thousands of Doctors the amount not striking could reach hundreds. Or hundred at least. And I think that speaks volumes.”

“I know half of them haven’t been silent and have said they would support other forms of action and protest other than striking. But that still leaves the other half that haven’t said anything. And that makes a potential 50% out of the people that won’t go on strike who might support me. They  haven’t said they don’t anyway. Certainly not yet. So that’s quite good actually.”

“Of course I’m going ahead with it all anyway. That’ll wipe the smile off their smug stethoscopy faces.” He explained.

The unusual level of adoration for a conservative Secretary of State has apparently caused tension within the cabinet, other ministers thought to be envious of his comparative popularity. Indeed Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith told us  “Ooh look at A list over there with his potential 1% of the medical profession fan club. Sure you’re in the right party Jeremy?”



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