Peter Mandelson still sliding under doors

Peter mandelson

Peter Mandelson is still sliding under doors and appearing at meetings throughout the houses of parliament whether he has been invited to them or not according to parliamentary insiders.

One Lib Dem MP said “Is he actually labour? He seems to have been at all the coalition meetings, generally smiling in a slightly unnerving fashion. I think everyone just thought someone else had invited him”

One Labour MP who asked to remain anonymous told us that the Labour peer and former adviser to the Prime Minister slid around the Houses of Parliament morphing himself through impossibly small offices and preying on people’s uncertainty.

“Under doors, through slightly ajar windows, he seems to be able to squeeze himself through the slightest crevice. It’s no secret that many MPs tuck their trouser legs into their socks when not on camera.” he told us.

A recent Mandelson free COBRA meeting attended by Conservative and Lib Dem MPs, representatives from the armed forces and Peter Mandelson was recently abandoned abruptly after Mandelson himself offered to set up a working committee to investigate how to stop him inexplicably turning up at meetings, proposing himself as chairman.

Mr Mandelson has been seen by many on the television criticising Ed Miliband’s mansion tax. It is not clear whether he was filmed making these criticisms or managed to slide into individual televisions to make the announcement.

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