Gary Glitter “It’s all a big misunderstanding”


Gary Glitter has reassured fans that the whole thing is a big misunderstanding and he’ll be back and touring in a shake of a lamb’s tail.

Speaking to a hastily assembled press conference the singer told  fans “These charges along with all the other ones and the ones in Vietnam and some others that might possibly pop up in the future are all a big mistake.  I’ll be back in the platforms again in no time, playing Christmas dos in mid sized venues in provincial towns.”

The announcement will come as some comfort to hard core glitter fans, though some feel that he should be up on stage now belting out ‘My Gang’.

“He should just carry on touring like Prince Andrew. And Bill Cosby.” one fan explained.

One passer by added “My works Christmas do was shite without Glitter songs playing. Mind you it would have been shite with Glitter songs playing. Maybe they should arrest the bloke who sings Hi Ho Sliver lining as well.”

Once described as a singing Jim’ll Fix it but still alive, Mr Glitter has assured the public “there’s obviously someone who looks exactly like me going round getting up to all sorts. They’re bound to catch him sooner or later, and I can get on with the new album.”

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