Britain First vow to help keep racist night clubs afloat

Britain First clubbing

Members of Britain First have vowed to put their glad rags on, sport their dancing shoes and support any West end night clubs that might suffer a loss of business for racist door policies.

Leader Paul Golding told us “We hadn’t realised these clubs were operating a racially prejudiced door policy and quite frankly we feel like we’ve missed a trick here.This clubbing thing must be just up our street.

“Who needs these trendy clubbers anyway? Half of them are foreign, or look foreign, or dress foreign, or know a foreigner. Or have been to a foreign country on holiday.

“We’ll show them how its done. We’ll turn up.Have a pint. Maybe a game of darts. As long as all the music is by performed indigenous Caucasian singers and there’s none of that dance music. Of course if that’s the only music they’ve got then we’ll just sit there in silence. Whilst someone goes off and finds some Chas’n’Dave records.”

A spokesman for club DSTRKT in Mayfair has vehemently denied that it will be entertaining far right groups as its new clientèle.

“We will not be serving drinks to members of Britain First. They’ll all be too busy working on the door.” He told us.

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