Daily Mail readers’ anger at plans for black Milky Bar Kid


Daily Mail readers have threatened to boycott Nestlé  products following reports that the next Milky Bar Kid is thought to be black.

Following the headlines first published in today’s Daily Mail, columnist Richard Littlejohn said

“I’m not racist but this is just pandering to the loony left. It’s milky white chocolate so the milky bar kid should be as pale skinned and pasty faced as possible without being actually being ginger.

“And by the way, I’m not racist but this is literally shitting on the legacy of the Milky Bar kid. You wouldn’t have black chocolate advertised by a white person.”

Indeed the Mail online readers forum has been awash with posts incensed by the news, despite not being racist, with one such post reading

“I’m not racist, I just use the fact that we voted to leave the European Union as justification to blame my own shortfalls on people with different colour skin. I’m never going to eat a Milky Bar again.”

However, left wing journalist Owen Jones said “Any thoughts you have had about this are probably racist, and even if you don’t say anything. You don’t even have to raise an eyebrow. It’s too late. You’ve thought it. And that makes you even worse than a racist.”

A spokesman for Nestle said “There is no truth to this nor to any stories about us buying up the worlds water supplies to charge the worlds’s poorest for it either.”

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