Sun to limit page 3 to just one boob

the sun

David Dinsmore, editor of popular right wing  newspaper the Sun, has reportedly come to a compromise with pressure group ‘No more page three’ that from now on, all future  models are only going to reveal one jubbly.

After talks which are said to have spanned several days, the the overtly misogynist borderline racist one syllable word tabloid and feminist protesters came out shaking hands, having decided to meet in the middle.

A spokesman for No more page three told us “We’re really pleased with the results of the negotiations. They’ve been showing the upper half of ladies willy nilly for decades so we knew we could only win due to a war of attrition, and we were hoping to come out of this with a one and a half boob promise. But out of the blue Dinsmore offered to halve the rate of third page mammary imaging. And that makes it 50% less sexist, only being able to see one tit.”

More moderate pressure group “A bit less page three than we’ve had previously” have claimed the move to be an out an out victory. It”s mascot and figurehead Juan Boob is said to have become a family favourite and by doing so enforced a new norm.

One stereotypical scaffolder we spoke to told us “I suppose we’ve all got to move with the times and I’m simply going to have to learn to be half as sexist. I’ve been saying Phwa instead of Phwaaaaarrrr and I’ve been shouting at passing ladies, come on love, show us one of your legs.”


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