Shock as Britain First realise we fought against the far right in world war 2

britain first

BNP style foreigner blamers Britain First are said to have called an emergency meeting this morning as it emerged that one senior member was yesterday informed by a veteran that in World War 2, Britain actually fought against the far right.

One shocked activist said “You mean we co-operated with very large number of different countries each with their own different cultures, but all united against the enforced rule of a fascistic party obsessed with the alleged purity of the ayrian race? Well that makes us the foreigners doesn’t it? Oh shit. I don’t know what I think now.”

However, it seems not all Britain first members are yet looking to embrace a life of diversity and have asked for hard evidence that WW2 was fought against a fascistic organisation. One told us “It’s wrong. I don’t believe a word of it. Everyone knows World War 2 was fought against leftie foreigner hippies. I’m not having some old man with lots of medals throwing ‘facts’ at me and trying to make me unpatriotic. What right have they got to tell me what was going on in my country years before I was born?”

Another member explained “I thought Britain First was all about a campaign for Britain to come first in the Eurovision song contest caused by mass unrest from a disenfranchised population after the lamentable performance of Englebert Humperdink last year. It turns out we’ve all got it a little bit wrong.”


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  2. Great article, very funny!

  3. Very funny, and sadly true!


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